SYSTRA combines transport design and engineering expertise with placemaking skills to create urban developments that support walking and cycling, while integrating accessible public transport – improving public health, social cohesion and sustainability.

Creating urban environments that are good for people and the planet

Developing urban transport strategies that are both sustainable and deliverable is a significant challenge for local authorities, transport operators, planners and developers. These organisations need to assess whether proposed developments are truly walkable, cycleable and accessible by public transport, in order to achieve targets for air quality, well-being and sustainable transport.

Local authorities and developers need the support of transport planners and engineers that understand placemaking, so they can develop streets and public realms that meet the needs of the local community and stakeholders, deliver on national active travel priorities, and comply with the requirements of planning authorities.

SYSTRA has wide-ranging expertise in urban design and transport planning, helping to create towns and cities that support active modes of transport and the provision of sustainable and accessible public transport. Our designers and engineers deliver commercially viable solutions to the problems of urban movement and masterplanning..

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA urban designers and transport planners help to develop places where people want to live, work and visit, while supporting economic prosperity.

Sustainable and liveable urban developments

The transport planners, designers and engineers at SYSTRA develop urban masterplans that optimise sustainability and liveability, creating well-connected communities that prioritise health and well-being and support economic growth for the long-term.

Our transport expertise and placemaking skills enable us to develop practical, deliverable urban movement plans and transport infrastructure designs that address economic, social and environmental challenges.

Assessing the impacts of development proposals

We have expertise in spatial analysis, which enables us to unpick how existing urban areas function, and to assess the impacts of proposed changes to transport infrastructure and the public realm.

We work in a collaborative way with stakeholders and the public, as well as our clients, to develop projects that gain widespread support and meet the practical requirements and aspirations of local communities.


  • Placemaking
  • Masterplanning
  • Street Design
  • Corridor Strategy
  • Design Code
  • Manual for Streets
  • Active Travel
  • Public Realm

Designed to achieve planning consent

We have a clear understanding of the planning process and design codes, as well as the implications of changes to the way planning applications and sites will be assessed in future. This means our transport specialists can deliver masterplans to meet existing planning design codes, while taking into account the impacts of future regulations – helping new developments to gain planning consent more quickly.

Walkable and cycleable cities

Our expertise in urban design and masterplanning includes public realm strategy and design, street design, public transport routing, accessibility planning, traffic management and placemaking.

We have a track record of creating urban designs that fulfil the objectives of numerous schemes, including 20-minute neighbourhoods, walkable neighbourhoods, 15-minute cities and liveable cities.

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