As leading transport specialists, the consultants at SYSTRA help local authorities to develop integrated and deliverable plans for local transport, creating coherent transport solutions that support long-term economic growth and sustainable development.

Developing transformational local transport plans

Local transport plans set out the transport policies and measures that will support the economic growth and prosperity of a city or region, while reducing emissions in line with national and local targets.

Developing feasible and deliverable transport solutions that meet net-zero commitments is a considerable challenge for local authorities, particularly in an era of limited public funding. Related government strategies also need to be incorporated into local transport plans, including the Transport Decarbonisation Plan, Levelling Up Policy, Bus Back Better and Gear Change schemes.

As a specialist transport consultancy, SYSTRA helps local authorities navigate the requirements of these strategies and policies – integrating different transport modes into coherent local transport solutions that deliver long-term economic and environmental benefits.s.

SYSTRA sustainable transport solutions include place-based transport plans, traffic-flow strategies, parking schemes, EV charging plans and active travel networks.

Transport plans that work for local people

SYSTRA offers a range of transport consultancy services to help local authorities develop local transport plans that address key priorities:

  • Maximising economic and housing growth
    We help local authorities create a closer link between transport policy and local plans to ensure that economic growth is achieved in an equitable and sustainable way.
  • Decarbonising transport
    Our local transport plans define the route to net-zero carbon in transport through a range of measures, including the adoption of low or zero-carbon travel and encouraging behavioural change towards more active or sustainable transport modes.
  • Integrating future transport technologies
    Local transport plans need to demonstrate how current transport networks and infrastructure will accommodate new transport technologies to improve mobility options and create more sustainable transport systems.
  • Community engagement
    Through communication and engagement initiatives, we help to ensure local transport policies, strategies and schemes have the backing of local residents and businesses.

Strategies for simple and sustainable travel

Our transport consultants can support the delivery of complete local transport strategies, or deliver individual elements of transport provision to enhance travel in specific areas.

We can provide place-based transport plans linked to the development of regional masterplans. We can create targeted transport strategies to improve the free flow of traffic in a specific area, and develop parking strategies to minimise congestion, maximise revenue generation and encourage a shift away from the use of private cars.

To support sustainability objectives, we can help local authorities develop EV charging strategies – enabling the transition to zero-emission vehicles for public and private transport. To encourage people to walk or cycle more, we can devise cycling and walking networks within local areas. We can also develop bus routing strategies to increase the uptake of public transport.

Electric car charging with power cable.

Integrated approach to local transport delivery

For many local authorities, existing modal plans, including Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIP) and Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIP), will become part of the suite of documents supporting their local transport plans. Our specialists will ensure that any strategies developed are fully aligned across all new and existing plans to create a joined-up and coherent approach to local transport in each area.

How can our experts help?

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