Maximising Economic and Housing Growth

Delivery of inclusive economic growth that is accessible to all, supported by a significant increase in housing stock, is at the core of Government policy. Allied to this, the promotion of sustainable transport through planning provisions is prominent in the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill and the subsequent update to the National Planning Policy framework.

Sustainable transport will also be a key factor in the identification and justification of schemes and strategies to be included in the next generation Local Transport Plans.

A closer link between transport policy and local plans is essential to maximise growth – changes and updates to transport infrastructure and policies are necessary to ensure transport networks support economic growth. Joined up transport and planning policy will also benefit other transport policy ambitions such as decarbonisation, wider environmental, social and economic ambitions and developing ‘place based’ strategies.

In addition to promoting access by sustainable transport modes , transport can provide a significant contribution to fostering economic and housing growth in several key areas:

  • Facilitating development sites – development of sustainable transport strategies to serve growth areas identified by planning authorities in Local Plans will help deliver identified economic and housing growth.
  • Creating liveable communities – allowing residents of all ages and backgrounds to thrive by providing safe, varied, and sustainable transport options and access to essential day to day facilities within the local area.
  • Strategies for inclusive access – the development of transport strategies to ensure that growth is accessible and inclusive to all parts of society will be a key element of the new generation LTPs.
  • Identifying sustainable development clusters – focussing development within areas where high quality public transport, active modes and local access to facilities is available, or can be delivered, will enhance the delivery of both the economic development and viable transport schemes.
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