Protecting the environment, our communities and enabling sustainable development underpin everything we do at SYSTRA. Our consulting, design and engineering services focus on helping clients fulfil their sustainable objectives and deliver projects that support a healthy planet.

Environmentally responsible development – for a sustainable future

Protecting, preserving and enhancing the environment takes a high priority in all major transport, energy, built environment and security infrastructure projects. Governments, businesses and organisations throughout the UK are focused on addressing the challenges of climate change, decarbonising the economy and preserving biodiversity in all their activities.

Some of the principal environmental challenges facing authorities and businesses today include managing water quality and resources, managing industrial waste, treating contaminated land, mitigating flood risks and conserving natural resources. Legislation is in place to ensure all construction and infrastructure projects are delivered responsibly – and compliance is a significant driver of sustainable development. At SYSTRA, environmental priorities influence every stage of all services we provide – from consulting, planning and project management to designing solutions and delivering projects for our clients.

SYSTRA applies its multi-disciplinary expertise to help clients address the greatest challenges facing people, the natural world and our planet.

Every project in new infrastructure, buildings, transport networks, industrial or commercial facilities needs to consider its interaction with the environment and its impacts on people and places. SYSTRA works in partnership with governments, local authorities, businesses and organisations to develop innovative and responsive solutions to the challenges of sustainable development.

Our specialists are market leaders in environmental research and advisory services. We collect and analyse the wide range of data required to support sustainable decision-making to address the whole life cycle of projects – helping our clients make the right environmental decisions at the right time. We assess and model the environmental impacts of development proposals and provide insights and advice on the most effective mitigation strategies.

Our environmental strategies help clients achieve planning consents for new infrastructure projects. Our strategy and planning expertise supports the development of business cases, funding applications and scheme appraisals for nature-positive solutions that minimise environmental impacts and contribute to protecting our communities.

Sustainable design is the foundation of all projects we deliver. Our engineering design capabilities encompass civil and structural engineering, landscape design, drainage and flood resilience, architectural design and geotechnical engineering, enabling us to deliver complex projects that work in harmony with the environment.

On site, we take responsibility for managing health and safety and environmental risks, ensuring that projects are implemented with minimal disruption to local people and the environment. Together, our combination of skills and resources enables us to provide a one-stop environmental consulting, design and engineering service.

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