24 June 2022
The SYSTRA team attended the Network Rail’s National Level Crossing Innovation Day at Derby Arena in June to showcase our work using Virtual Reality (VR) for level crossing design.

We believe that virtual reality technology can help improve operational and site engineering works safety through 360º design features including aerial and sub terrain views.

Virtual Reality technology nicely demonstrates visually all the proposed plans or improvements as well as constraints, helping decision-makers, transport operators and local communities better understand design and investment decisions.

In essence virtual reality used in rail engineering can help Network Rail and importantly other transport authorities to:

  • Design comprehensively through identifying potential blind spots and physical constraints
  • Encourage buy-in from stakeholders and local communities during consultation
  • Identify underground utility or landscape constraints and conflicts
Virtual reality helps to identify potential underground conflicts

SYSTRA’s dedicated level crossing design team based in York has a significant portfolio of comprehensive design of all types of level crossing from successful delivery of level crossing for major rail schemes across the UK and Ireland..

Specific work for Level Crossings involves Ground Plans, Draft Level Crossing Orders, Suitable and Sufficient Risk Assessments, 3D design, user census and speed surveys, our in-house specialist team has the know-how.

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