06 April 2022
SYSTRA’s Passenger Transport Team have supported a number Local Authorities in developing Bus Service Improvement Plan submissions which have been awarded over £120m funding as part of the latest round of Government investment in bus services.

The Government’s National Bus Strategy set out an ambitious vision to improve bus services in England outside London and encourage passengers back to bus, an ambition which was underpinned by £3billion of new funding. To secure funding, Local Transport Authorities and bus operators were required to submit an ambitious Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) outlining improvements that would support delivery of a fully integrated bus service with simple, multi-modal tickets, more bus priority measures, with better turn-up-and-go frequencies that keep running into the evenings and at weekends.

SYSTRA worked with several Local Transport Authorities to assist them in the production of bold and ambitious BSIPs with measures that will help to increase passenger numbers, improve bus punctuality, reliability and journey times, and increase levels of customer satisfaction.

I am delighted that our team of bus experts has been able to support Derbyshire County Council, Norfolk County Council, Luton Borough Council and North East Lincolnshire Council all submit successful bids, with a combined funding of over £120m. We have a great team of bus experts at SYSTRA who bring with them a blend of hands-on experience gained from years of working for bus operating companies and local authorities, and I’m delighted for our clients who have successfully secured funding.

Brian Drury, Sector Director, SYSTRA Ltd

When producing the successful BSIPs the SYSTRA consultants helped clients to analyse the current bus offer in their area, seek customer and stakeholder views, set challenging but realistic targets and propose a range of measures that will help to deliver a step change in local bus service provision.

One local authority supported by SYSTRA was Luton Borough Council. Steve Lain, Highways & Transport Product Service Manager at Luton Borough Council, said, “Luton Borough Council are pleased to confirm that working with SYSTRA we have secured £19.1m funding from the Department for Transport towards our Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP). This award is a very welcome start to the new financial year and shows how the collaborative working between our team and that of SYSTRA has secured a very significant level of funding that will give passengers in Luton a better experience when using the public transport network.”

SYSTRA are now looking forward to helping clients with delivery of the plans which have been set out – providing expert advice and assistance in delivering BSIP measures and carrying out network sustainability reviews.

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