04 October 2022
Following the liquidation of planning and economics specialist David Simmonds Consultancy (DSC), SYSTRA has acquired the bespoke DELTA modelling software and associated Intellectual Property rights.

The acquisition of the DELTA modelling tool, along with the supporting intellectual property, enables SYSTRA to offer a full range of modelling, forecasting and assessment consultancy advice on land use and transport system changes.

Land use modelling gives unique insight to the analysis and appraisal of development proposals and planning policies, enabling impacts to be understood on a geospatial basis and robustly quantified, in terms of household and employment levels or economic benefits. When coupled with transport models, the complex land use and transport interactions can be modelled to enhance understanding of a proposal’s impact and benefit, whether at a local, regional or national scale.

We are delighted to add land-use modelling to our transport planning service. As a long-term DELTA user, we were impressed by its robust application and widespread use. We are very much looking forward to developing this industry standard tool and its application to meet current and new market requirements.

Craig Scott, MD Strategy & Consultancy, SYSTRA Ltd

SYSTRA will continue to develop the DELTA software and has the technical capability to offer the consultancy services previously offered by DSC.

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