05 February 2019
Colleagues in our York office recently hosted the Safe by Design Young Engineers Forum at Arcadis, we sat down with Rob McKenzie to find out more about this initiative for Young Engineers.

Can you tell us a bit more about this forum and why it is/should be of interest to young engineers in the company?

This is a fantastic opportunity for IPD/CPD and provides a platform to present to peers at a similar stage in their careers. It also helps build a network of young engineers across the country from consultants, contractors, temporary works specialists and the client organisation.

The Young Engineer’s Forum is intended to support the Network Rail Building and Civils Safe by Design Working Group by:

  • Generating a consistent input to the Safe by Design collaboration website, including examples of:
  • Innovation in safe by design
  • Safe by design best practices and lessons learned
  • Sharing knowledge and experience between organisations and industry sectors
  • Developing our Young Engineers and offering CPD opportunities
  • Building a positive Safe by Design Culture.

What other companies are usually involved? How does networking in this forum help you work with these companies on live projects?

A range of companies from across the industry are involved, including Client, Contractor, Designer, Supplier and Regulatory organisations . Attendees may be at any level from Apprentice / Graduate Level to Senior Engineer / Recently Chartered Level.

Interacting and engaging at these forums is a great chance to gain and understanding of the perspective of both individuals and the culture of the companies they are a part of. The YEF feeds into Network Rail’s SbD Buildings and Civils Working Group, but is not limited to Civil Engineers – shared case studies and lessons learned are welcome from across the engineering disciplines.

What’s something that you’ve learned from attending this forum that you wouldn’t have otherwise known? What benefits are there to being part of this forum?

The huge benefit for me, is that I have gained a better knowledge and understanding of areas of engineering I wouldn’t have normally come across in my day to day job. Its given me a better understanding of the wider area as well and bringing out a few deeper interests in engineering I didn’t know I had! As well as all that and developing my approach to safe by design, its great for bringing on my presentation skills and personal development.

Finally, how do you become part of the forum if you’re interested?

Anyone from Apprentice / Graduate Level to Senior Engineer / Recently Chartered Level can become part of this forum. The YEF is also open to engineering students on year in industry schemes and work placements. Invites go out on social media as well as email invites that are sent around companies that have participated in the past and are happy to hear from us about future events.

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