02 June 2020
SYSTRA were contracted by AMCO Giffen, to fabricate and install a new modular platform to Platform 2 of this small station. The existing platform having been condemned as unsafe and demolished by Network Rail (NWR) over the Christmas period.

Working directly for NWR, SYSTRA developed the Civil, Geotechnical, M&E and Modular design for the platform, which is supported on piles. These piles were installed in advance of our works by AMCO Giffen, our construction client.

On Tuesday night of the 14th April 2020, all of the 7.32m long platform sections and 2no Ramp sections of our 6 Bay frame were transported from the adjacent Siding and lifted into position by a Road Rail Vehicle (RRV) supplied by SYSTRA. The platform was also set to Gauge during this possession.


Following the initial install of the 6 bay steel frames installed using RRVs, we proceeded to install the remainder of platform which included-

  • Installation of all steelwork including/ surface deck pans, rear fence line and end fence and gates.
  • A waterproof membrane was then applied over the platform surface.
  • A front white facia was secured to the front of platform which then allowed us to install all coper and tactile units.
  • We then used one of our approved asphalt contractors to install the tarmac surfacing.

All works were completed at night when no trains were running and all activities were completed in 3 weeks.

This was a high priority project due to the existing platform being decommissioned in January because its foundations were failing, and the TOC/NR required a replacement as soon as reasonably practical. NWR believed the ideal solution would be SYSTRA’s product which led to our commission.

The platform is now complete except for the waiting shelter. Due to Covid-19 this item has yet to be installed, however the platform was entered into passenger service on the 1st June 2020. All works were undertaken in line with the requirements of Social Distancing and our COVID 19 risk assessment for this project.

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