SYSTRA has an unwavering commitment to corporate responsibility, ethics and compliance across our operations.

Ethics and compliance are part of our DNA at SYSTRA. As a trusted engineering, consulting and project management partner, our clients, contractors and suppliers rely on us to act with integrity, honesty and loyalty at all times.

We are committed to a fairer world. That’s why our approach to ethics and compliance goes beyond the requirements of regulations to encompass all of our actions and decisions. We recognise that our pivotal role within major projects gives us a responsibility to set the tone for ethics and we have implemented a robust ethics program that allows us to maintain absolute rigour in the fight against corruption, anticompetition , fraud and coercive practices.

SYSTRA Limited has zero tolerance of bribery and corruption and complies with the Bribery Act 2010.

Far from simply complying with laws, ethics constitutes a positive value for all our employees. Our partners and client should be proud to work with SYSTRA as it is a company that works in favour of honesty, transparency and justice.


SYSTRA Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics guides every decision and activity across our business, ensuring that we always make the best choices. These choices enable us to build sustainable growth and mutual trust with our clients, and establish enduring relationships with partners who share our ethical values. Every employee is responsible to understand, respect and implement in their activities the best ethical practices set out in the Code.

Ethics alert process

SYSTRA makes available an Ethics Alert Process to report any dysfunction about an ethical matter. SYSTRA undertakes to protect any whistle-blower, guaranteeing that confidential, objective and in-depth investigations will be carried out into any reports of wrongdoing, code violations or other improper actions.

Anti-bribery certification

SYSTRA has obtained ISO 37001 accreditation, that certifies SYSTRA conformity to the ISO 37001:2016, demonstrating our commitment to prevent, detect and combat bribery and corruption, and to comply with anti-bribery laws and their voluntary commitments applicable to their activities.



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