Technical details
Lyon Local Authority

Early 2026

Project management; studies; works supervision
Lyon, France
Presents, Ilex, Transitec et Strates
Urban Mobilities

In response to the extreme temperatures of the summer of 2023, coined as ‘global boiling,’ Lyon, France, faced significant challenges in maintaining habitability. The city enlisted the expertise of engineering and consultancy firm SYSTRA to design its new T10 tram line with a strong focus on sustainability.

SYSTRA’s Sustainable Design & Construction Framework emerged as a groundbreaking approach, supported by the CarbonTracker tool. This framework dissects the project into systems and sub-systems, allowing for the application of eco-friendly designs and minimising the carbon footprint.

SYSTRA’s Sustainable Mission

A key aspect of SYSTRA’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the trackbed design of the T10 tram line. Utilising CarbonTracker, the team opted for a grass track platform, reducing the need for concrete and enhancing water drainage; crucial for a city prone to heavy storms.

The Sustainable Design & Construction Framework

The holistic sustainability approach includes advocating for localised construction materials, minimising environmental impact. Strategically placed trees along the tram route serve dual purposes—replacing lost greenery during construction and creating ‘islands of freshness’ to provide shade and enhance biodiversity.

Trackbed Revolution

A key illustration of SYSTRA’s commitment to sustainability lies in the trackbed design of the T10 tram line. Using CarbonTracker, the team opted for a grass track platform, an instant carbon-saving solution that also enhances water drainage—an essential consideration for a city susceptible to heavy storms.

SYSTRA embraced a holistic approach by advocating for the localized use of construction materials, minimizing the environmental impact of transportation. The incorporation of strategically placed trees along the tram route further contributes to environmental preservation and enhances the overall urban landscape.

Eco-Friendly Development

SYSTRA’s commitment extends to the construction of T10’s depot, where every detail, from material formation to insulation, aligns with eco-friendly principles. This comprehensive approach ensures that the entire project is harmoniously developed, preventing unintended environmental consequences.

The implementation of SYSTRA’s Sustainable Design & Construction Framework marks a significant milestone in the realm of low-carbon tramway development. Results include carbon emission reduction, improved water drainage, and the creation of green spaces. As the framework becomes standard practice, SYSTRA is dedicated to continuous improvement, contributing to the global effort to combat climate change.

In the face of the daunting challenges posed by ‘global boiling,’ SYSTRA’s sustainable tramway design in Lyon not only mitigates climate change effects but also sets a pioneering standard for future urban transportation projects worldwide. The company’s eco-conscious approach exemplifies responsibility and forward-thinking in an era where environmental considerations are paramount.