02 February 2024
The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) has recognised two of SYSTRA’s most talented leaders – Tim Ngai and Dr Mohsen Ebrahimi - as illustrious ICE Fellows, the highest grade of membership in recognition for their outstanding contribution to civil engineering and to society.

It is with great honour that SYSTRA celebrates the achievements of Tim and Mohsen. Both engineers have unequivocally demonstrated ICE Fellowship attributes through their outstanding leadership, technical expertise and dedication to advancing their own knowledge and abilities and, importantly, those of their colleagues and peers.

SYSTRA Ltd CEO Nick Salt, himself an ICE Fellow, said, “Every day I am awestruck by the tremendous talent right across the business, and Mohsen and Tim exemplify our values of excellence, bold leadership, and connected teams.  They have both been deservedly recognised, and their success is testament to their dedication to the engineering professional as a whole.

“Mohsen is an exceptional individual, he enriches life here in the SYSTRA community, and through his work on creating better and more resilient built and natural environments. Tim is without doubt a brilliant civil and geotechnical engineer. His energy and attention to detail is infectious, I am delighted that Tim will also be supporting our business growth ambitions for the future.”

ICE Fellowship shines a light on the achievements of these two outstanding leaders in the profession:

Tim Ngai – Technical Expert, Ground Engineering

Tim is a Chartered Civil Engineer with an MSc in Geotechnical Engineering. He has more than 20 years’ experience in geotechnical engineering, design, earthworks, construction and drainage remediation. Tim is a registered Ground Engineering Professional (RoGEP) specialist and the relevant application Assessor. As a recognised technical expert, Tim supports his team’s development as well as business directors on SYSTRA’s strategic growth plans. As a proud STEM ambassador, Tim regularly gives back to the industry supporting the ICE and SYSTRA with their campaigns.

Tim wants to continue to develop his expertise and mentor his design team on technical challenges as well as support business growth and development in the UK and overseas.

Dr Mohsen Ebrahimi – Principal Engineer – Rivers

Mohsen is a Chartered Civil Engineer with a PhD in River Engineering. He has 15 years’ research and professional experience in river engineering and flood-structure interaction. Mohsen consistently delivers innovative and sustainable solutions on complex water-related projects. He has successfully completed projects in Canada, UK, and Iran, ranging from scour assessment and protection design at rivers and structures to hydraulic calculations for dams and bridges.

Mohsen wants to continue to make a positive impact in the field of civil engineering and to serve as a role model for a new generation of engineers, especially those with unconventional career paths.

Tim Ngai said: “I am so proud to work in an industry where dedication, collaboration and innovative thinking are rewarded. It’s an honour to be an ICE Fellow, a role I take with an enormous sense of pride. The exceptional team I work with every single day makes it simple to rise to complex infrastructure challenges.”

Mohsen Ebrahimi said: “My career path has not been without its challenges, I am thrilled and honoured to have achieved the prestigious ICE Fellowship. Huge thanks to my mentors, sponsors and colleagues throughout my career. I am energised by the support I have at SYSTRA and the possibilities that lie ahead towards continuing to excel and making a positive impact on the world through civil engineering.”

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