Michelle Flint Career Profile picture

Role: Discipline Lead (Systems)

Career Area: Engineering Design

Location: York

My role at SYSTRA

I am a Discipline Lead within the Systems team, which means I ensure the strategic objectives of the team are met.

This includes the day-to-day overseeing of project performance, supporting Team Leaders, being involved with winning work and working on business improvement projects.

My career journey

I have a Mechanical Engineering degree with Masters, and I started my career as a Graduate Engineer following a summer placement at a design consultancy where I spent some time undertaking building services designs. I then moved companies to change fields into Overhead Line Electrification which I thought would better suit my interests.

I have worked in this field ever since making my way up to Principal Engineer, whilst increasing my technical knowledge and taking on more line management responsibility. I became Team Leader for the Electrification team, which I undertook for 8 years before moving into the position I’m in today.

We asked Michelle…
When did you realise this was the career path for you?

My strengths lie in Maths and Science, and I enjoy problem solving – I love working in teams of people solving problems together. I also enjoy people management and feel fulfilled when supporting others to achieve their goals.

Have you got any words of wisdom for someone starting out in a similar role?

Just have a go! Take on challenges to stretch yourself. Always be your original self and bring your own perspective to the table.

How does SYSTRA stand out from the rest as a Great Place to Work?

SYSTRA is very people-focused and has great benefits and flexibility. The organisation also has impressive global reach and a large established pool of expertise.

With such power in diversity, what unique perspective do you bring to the table?

I bring a female perspective and dynamic to what is usually a very male dominated workplace.

Where is the place that has inspired you the most?

Hong Kong – I was lucky to spend time there with friends who had close links, so was able to visit all of the famous landmarks and experience the rich culture and diversity.

What does true sustainability really mean to you?

For me, true sustainability means using and buying less – re-using and recycling needs to become the norm.

What would a green future look like?

We would be using green energy sources to provide fully green modes of transport, including green air travel!

How do you look after your wellbeing outside of work?

I exercise regularly – having two dogs definitely helps! I also enjoy Pilates and Yoga which helps to relax my mind and body. Aside from that, I take part in lots of varied arts and crafts projects which allows me to de-stress by engaging other parts of my brain.

If you could spend your lunchbreak with someone you really admire, who would you choose?

This is a really difficult question as there’s no one person – different people have different qualities that I admire, and the qualities I place value in has changed throughout my life. If I could pick more than one, I’d pick Dame Deborah James for her bravery and selfless compassion to support others, and Hillary Clinton for her strength to challenge a position in a male dominated world.

If you had to pick, which mode of transport would you use for the rest of your life?

Car – electric ideally!

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