SYSTRA Canada provides a wide range of expertise in the Definition, Planning, Design, Construction, Testing and Commissioning, Operation, and Maintenance of Transportation infrastructure.


At SYSTRA Canada, we help the public and private sector create state-of-the-art Transportation solutions. In line with SYSTRA’s global values, we shape and deliver major transportation infrastructures enabling equal access and sustainable mobility options.

From station design to trackwork, SYSTRA Canada provides a wide variety of integrated expert services. Our engineers and experts are industry leaders with an unparalleled depth of experience with rail, bus, and many other innovative mobility solutions. We offer clients an agile approach to any transportation project’s design and implementation through our unique ability to integrate multidisciplinary studies.

a wide range of services

We provide a wide range of services along the whole lifecycle of a project to help you create integrated communities, serve economic development and revitalization, and bring maximum benefits to the clients and communities:

  • Linear infrastructure (bridges, tunnels, roads, etc.);
  • Geotechnics;
  • Water engineering;
  • Tracks;
  • Architecture & landscape;
  • Stations, buildings, and shafts;
  • Maintenance & stabling facilities;
  • Utilities;
  • Fire & life safety;
  • Accessibility & inclusive design;
  • Cost estimate & budget analysis;
  • Engineering & advisory services.