As a leading expert in railway disciplines, SYSTRA Canada provides training sessions for clients who are keen to ensure that their staff and managers remain qualified at a level allowing them to facilitate their decision-making regarding railway systems.


  • Rail operators;
  • Rail infrastructure owners/ maintainers;
  • Governments;
  • Mining companies;
  • Funding agencies.


  • Classrooms;
  • On-site sessions;
  • On the job by shadowing international experts in their daily work.


We cover the following disciplines:

  • Design tools and methodologies;
  • Maintenance of tracks;
  • Maintenance/overhaul of rolling stock;
  • Accident investigations;
  • Operations: safety, operational planning, operational optimization;
  • Management of tendering processes;
  • Marketing and business plans;
  • Role of management and human resources;
  • Restructuring of railways;
  • Rail-related state-of-the-art tools and software.


  • Develop capacity-building strategy and performance indicators
    (benchmarks to evaluate the effectiveness of training);
  • Conduct training Needs Assessment (Gap analysis);
  • Develop Terms of Reference & Training Plans;
  • Prepare training materials;
  • Deliver training and supplemental training as required;
  • Evaluate training and capacity development progress;
  • Plan and arrange study tours.