Technical details
Champion – Quebec Iron Ore


Determine required infrastructure and operation changes for QIO’s expansion project
Feasibility Study

QIO (Champion) appointed SYSTRA Canada to conduct a feasibility study to identify the infrastructure and operational changes required to double the capacity of the 457-km Bloom Lake to Pointe-Noire (Sept-Îles terminal) railway in Quebec, Canada. The goal was to reach a target of 16 MTPA in a multi-operator and multi-user context.

During a previous phase, SYSTRA Canada’s study had included the following key components:

  • Rail line capacity assessment (operation simulations);
  • Identification and conceptual design of the required infrastructure packages;
  • Operational Assessment Report;
  • Implementation Strategy Report;
  • CAPEX/OPEX estimate for all considered options;
  • Cost/benefit analysis.

During the feasibility phase, SYSTRA Canada reached a level of project definition compliant with a Class 3 estimate (preliminary engineering) in a very challenging timeframe.

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