Technical details
Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC)


Production of functional and technical programs and pre-concepts for the renovation of the Newton Centre and Metrobus Centre
Régis Côté et associés, Bouthillette Parizeau, Services Exp
Technical assistance; Basic, conceptual, and preliminary design

The Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) requested tenders for the supply of professional services for the production of functional and technical programs and pre-concepts, within the framework of the major renovation projects of the Newton Centre and the Metrobus Centre.

In order to meet a growing demand for service, the RTC plans to significantly increase its bus fleet. The current fleet is composed of 615 vehicles and is spread over two sites: The Lebourgneuf transport centre or the Armand-Viau transport centre.

As part of the Sustainable Mobility Policy and its plan for a green economy, the Quebec government will only finance the acquisition of 100% electric vehicles by transportation companies starting in 2025. Transport companies are therefore preparing to gradually acquire and operate these recent-technology vehicles.

The services provided included:

Development and electrification project of the Newton Centre:

  • Prepare a Functional and Technical Program (FTP);
  • Produce two pre-concepts for the Newton Centre:
    • Option 1: Pre-concept aimed at determining the operational capacity (in number of 40’ equivalent buses) that would be possible within the framework of a redevelopment of the existing building adapted to new needs.
    • Option 2: Pre-concept to determine the real estate solution needed to achieve the objective of 180 40’ equivalent 100% electric buses.

Metrobus Centre expansion, redevelopment and electrification project:

  • Prepare an FTP;
  • Produce a pre-concept for the Metrobus Centre.

For both projects:

  • Support and advise the Principle to plan, establish and then ensure the monitoring, respect and optimization of the authorized content, quality, cost and schedule parameters;
  • Collect all the necessary information through meetings, workshops, surveys, analyses or other, allowing the realization of the deliverables respecting the established guidelines;
  • Carry out the necessary studies and analyses;
  • Make budget estimates, and design and construction schedules at each stage of each project and for each of the pre-design options;
  • Develop sustainable development strategies;
  • Participate in collaborative process, risk management and value analysis workshops;
  • Any other task indicated in the tender.

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