SYSTRA Canada maintains a high level of employee engagement through an open-door policy from an open and authentic management team. We listen to our employees’ voices and appreciate their feedback through yearly engagement surveys.

Gaining their trust and yielding higher employee engagement is a high priority for us. Work-life balance is supported and promoted at every level of the company, all the way to the management team. Our office location is accessible by all means of transportation, and we offer hybrid working.

A healthy, respectful and positive workplace is crucial to the well-being and productivity of our employees, who all support each other, fostering a culture of collaboration and openness.

SYSTRA Canada offers employees many ways to advance their career, whether it is through one-the-job training, mentorship, and having access to the tools and support to take ownership of their own professional development. In addition , employees have the opportunity to join multiple committees based on their preferences and interests, such as the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee, the Social Club committee, the Francization committee and the Health, Safety & Security committee.


I have had the opportunity to work for SYSTRA Canada and its predecessor for 18 years now. The work is challenging, interesting, rewarding and varied. The company has a great mix of seasoned industry veterans and up and coming impressive young engineers and designers.

A constant in this environment is the unwavering desire by colleagues to help solve problems. We are often faced with innovative challenges and, in my tenure here, there has always been great cooperation to get the job done, coupled with an excellent office atmosphere. As a bonus – best coffee machine of any employer in the Montreal area!


Joining SYSTRA Canada as an Executive Assistant to the President and CEO in February 2017 felt like becoming part of a big, vibrant family. This isn’t your typical corporate environment – it’s a place where respect and collaboration are the heart and soul of everything we do. It’s been an exciting ride, filled with opportunities to stretch my skills and grow my expertise. One of the things I love most about my job is the open-door policy of our CEO. It’s not just a policy, it’s a philosophy that permeates throughout the company.

SYSTRA Canada is a great place to work, where you can grow, where your ideas matter, and where you can be part of a team that’s shaping the future of transportation.


Since joining SYSTRA Canada in April 2014, I have been fortunate to be part of a team where everyone brings complementary knowledge and skills and is happy to share them with their colleagues. The projects in which I participated are varied, both geographically (Montreal and surrounding areas, Northern Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, and even in Asia and Africa) and from infrastructure to studies (railways for the passenger transportation and/or goods, railway stations, crossings, maintenance workshops).

If you join SYSTRA Canada, you will be involved in interesting projects, you will perfect your knowledge and contribute to the development of a growing business sector.


I love my job, and SYSTRA Canada is a great place to grow! As a woman, I feel that I belong in the team and that I am well respected by my colleagues and staff. Regardless of roles, hierarchy, or experience, we all have a role to play, and we are a united group.

As an economist, I realize how meaningful my job is when I bring different yet complementary perspectives to our projects. If you are curious, committed, and positive, you will find your place at SYSTRA Canada.

CATHERINE, Transport Economist & Asset Management Lead – Intercity & Heavy Rail

I came to SYSTRA Canada with five years of experience in the domestic railway market, a passion for transportation, and an interest in international travel and business. My responsibilities have grown from working on small design projects to managing relatively complex international projects. SYSTRA Canada’s management saw in me what I did not know was there and gave me the tools and opportunities to develop and work on many projects. I also greatly appreciate the human relations that I have formed here. The people employed by SYSTRA Canada are what makes SYSTRA Canada a special place to work. If you are driven, self-motivated, want to see the world, are looking for a challenge, and want to work in an environmentally friendly and expanding industry, SYSTRA Canada is for you.

THOMAS, ENG., Director – Heavy Rail Rolling Stock

Being part of SYSTRA Canada means being part of a big family. We work in a convivial environment, where respect and collaboration come first.

Right from the time I was hired, in March 2017, I was given the opportunity to work on major projects at many occasions, which allowed me to gain valuable experience and expertise. It is very motivating to have the flexibility to evolve in our day-to-day job by bringing ideas that can contribute to improving the quality of services offered to our clientele. SYSTRA Canada is the ideal firm for anyone who is motivated and wants to promote excellence and innovation.

LUCIE, Marketing Specialist – Business Development



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