Technical details
Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM)


Study potential for stray currents and other elctromagnetic interference along the REM network
Assistance to Project Owner

The Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) uses a 1,500 Vdc traction power system supplied by an overhead catenary system (OCS) on its 67-km long track network.

Stray currents and electromagnetic emissions produced by the traction power system and by the rolling stock traction system could create damages or interfere with the operation of infrastructures and equipment located in their vicinity (aerial and underground public services networks, structures, etc.) if adequate protection measures are not put in place.

The REM track network crosses or is parallel to Canadian National (CN) Railway at many locations.

SYSTRA Canada’s mandate was to ensure that adequate measures were planned by the REM to protect CN facilities and that they would be implemented at each location where the REM track network is in proximity of CN facilities. Includes.

More specifically, SYSTRA Canada’s mandate consisted in:

  • Reviewing the REM design documents to ensure adequate protection measured were included;
  • Meet with the REM design teams;
  • Recommend the modification or addition of protective measures, based on international standards, common practices and experience accumulated on similar projects in the past;
  • Visit worksites to ensure the implementation of protective measures are compliant with the design;
  • Perform tests and measures during the dry run tests.

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