Technical details


Assist with the expansion and improvement of GO alongside Mace and Comtech
Program management, design assurance, systems engineering/assurance

SYSTRA, as part of a joint venture with Mace and Comtech, have been awarded the Program Delivery Partner (PDP) contract for GO Expansion by Metrolinx in Ontario, Canada. The GO Expansion (GOE) project is aimed at expanding and improving GO Transit rail services.

The 10-year rail infrastructure program is Metrolinx’s largest and most ambitious endeavour to date. With a long-term vision of providing 15-minute, two-way, 24-hour service on core segments of its rail network, Metrolinx will provide improved connections between communities and increase sustainability through its operations.

Mace, SYSTRA, and Comtech will be integrated as delivery partners with Metrolinx to manage this complex program of works, which includes new stations, electrification of existing lines, installing new rail lines, upgrading existing stations, signalling, and more.

SYSTRA Canada was mandated to:

  • Support Metrolinx, as a single integrated team, to enable best for program decision-making.
  • Leverage international expertise to challenge the program baseline
  • Mitigate inter-project risk through deployment of governance and knowledgeable design reviews.
  • Program level risk management using a digital command centre concept where assured data is combined.
  • Develop a toolkit of lean concepts, elimination of non-value adding process activities.
  • Evolve a learning culture matures, new innovative methods and processes will be developed and captured as part of ongoing continuous improvement.
  • Innovation and Digital Transformation will be key enablers for the Program.  
  • Bring Systems Integration expertise across the complexity of multiple projects, interfaces, and systems.
  • Collaboration and responsiveness; we will optimize program, project, and inter-project opportunities by engaging and involving our team to develop innovative delivery approaches.

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