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Electric vehicle charging management plan
Durham, USA
Preliminary studies

The City of Durham is committed to transitioning to a fully electric fleet by 2035 and intends to acquire battery-electric buses.

The Contractor shall provide a Charging Management Plan to the City describing how it will integrate electric buses into the fleet, including potential changes in blocks and run-cutting to match service requirements, capital investments that may be necessary by the City to support electric vehicles, etc.

SYSTRA Canada, in partnership with RATP Dev USA, assumed this mandate. The scope included:

Data Consumption Analysis

An estimation of the on-route electrical consumption and vehicle range was carried out based on Open-Source data and data from Go Durham. Using the available data, the analysis considered the current context such as routes, vehicles, environment, weather, etc. This estimation of on-route electrical consumption was then being used to draft multiple electrified route scenarios.

Block Schedule Creation

Previously established consumption hypotheses and GTFS data were inputted in SYSTRA’s scheduling tool, Wild Turkey, to generate a fully electrical schedule. This tool generated vehicle timetables that consider route stops, deadheads, and depot location

    Power Demand Analysis, Charging Infrastructure and Financial Estimation

    SYSTRA’s electrified garage simulation tool, TESS, allowed the modelling of the configuration of the garage, the position of parking spaces and charging stations, and the simulating of daily garage operations. Those simulations enabled the selection of the best charging infrastructure, minimizing the number of charging infrastructure components required. It also helped assessing the size of the fleet required to run services, and to minimize power demands by testing multiple charging strategies.

    The cost of CAPEX and OPEX were estimated. Costs were broken down to electrical infrastructure, vehicles, and operating costs related to energy and maintenance

    Electric Vehicle Charging Management Plan and Transition Process Analysis

    SYSTRA created an Electric Vehicle Charging Management Plan and proposed a phasing of the transition in line with Durham’s asset life cycle as reflected their Fleet Plan. This will minimize the investment effort and give confidence to the operating cost of the electrified network.

    Transition strategies advised procurement schedule and lead time, environmental impact, additional revenue service impact, supporting software tools, and safety consideration for prevention and operation

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