Technical details
VIA Rail Canada


Feasibility study, level crossing engineering (30%), design study

The main objective of this study was to develop a cost estimate for the electrification of the proposed Ottawa-Toronto corridor for VIA Rail’s High Frequency Rail Project.

SYSTRA Canada’s mandate included the establishment of design criteria and the development of a construction plan for the implementation of a catenary electrification system. Furthermore, the study included the preparation of a Class 3 capital cost estimate at a -20/+30% accuracy and a preliminary operating cost estimate.

The specific services provided by SYSTRA Canada were as follows:

  • Definition of design criteria;
  • Technical option analysis to determine the appropriate electrification strategy;
  • Preliminary design of the electrification system;
  • Identification of preliminary quantities and land acquisition requirements;
  • Preparation of a condensed profile of electrification systems and typical layout plans;
  • Preparation of a construction plan and schedule;
  • Preparation of a Class 3 capital cost estimate (-20/+30%) for four scenarios:
    • Electrifying the railway during the initial construction period;
    • Electrifying the railway after operations have begun;
    • Construction of the overhead catenary system with minimum top-of-rail to contact wire clearances;
    • Construction of the overhead catenary system with sufficient top-of-rail to contact wire clearances to accommodate maximum freight train height along the full Ottawa-Toronto corridor;
  • Calculation of electrical power consumption using simulations performed with its Train Performance Calculator;
  • Estimating the operating costs related to the electrification system.

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