Technical details
City of Matagami


Cost estimation, investigation, inspection, analysis, technical studies, construction supervision
Matagami, Canada
Territory of Jamésie

Created just 60 years ago with the start of exploitation of the first copper and zinc deposits in the region, the city of Matagami is now home to more than 1,400 inhabitants. For this isolated community, the mines are vital as they represent 70% of the local economy. With the upcoming opening of three lithium mines, rail traffic is expected to increase from 800 to 8,000 wagons per year.

In anticipation of its development, the City had acquired a transshipment yard a few years ago, with the project of engaging in significant improvement works. Having already called upon SYSTRA Canada for the feasibility phases, Matagami has renewed its trust in our teams for the engineering studies, followed by the contractor selection process and the compliance monitoring of the works.

SYSTRA Canada has been mandated to provide the following services:

  • Kick-off meeting with representatives of the City of Matagami to target the specifics of the project, the environment, and the City’s expectations;
  • Conduct a geotechnical investigation and characterization of the materials and soils needed for the proper design of the proposed works, as required for the preparation of plans and specifications;
  • Carry out a hydraulic evaluation for the drainage of the transshipment yard;
  • Perform technical studies on hydrology, hydraulics, environmental characterization of waterways with fish habitats, characterization of wetlands and hydric environments required for the construction of hydraulic structures, if required;
  • Proceed with various requests to the relevant ministries to obtain the permits and authorizations required for the project;
  • Carry out all field survey activities necessary for the design, including the surveying required for the preparation of documents;
  • Design and present preliminary plans and specifications with 50% and 90% completion, accompanied by a project cost estimation;
  • Submit final plans and specifications following the analysis and comments from the City of Matagami, the Canadian National, or any other governmental authority, as applicable;
  • Prepare all technical documents required for the call for tenders, such as the notice of tender, preparation of addenda, analysis and recommendation for contract award, and drafting of the construction contract to be signed by the successful bidder;
  • Carry out site supervision, both with and without residence, as well as all necessary works for the upgrading of the Matagami transshipment yard;
  • Coordinate required meetings for the smooth progress of the project, drafting and distribution of minutes for all meetings;
  • Prepare all documents required for the successful completion of the project when needed. Review and recommend payment requests submitted by the contractor;
  • Prepare and submit final plans and specifications at the end of the mandate (in paper format and digital DWG and PDF);
  • Support the City by providing all documents that may be used for financial reporting to any financial partner for payment of their financial contribution;
  • Provide a copy of any certificate of compliance that may be required and obtained in the context of this mandate.

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