Technical details
Société de transport de Montréal (STM)


Assist STM in its bus electrification project
Development agency of the RATP group (Paris public transport system); SDK; and Bisson-Fortin, Architecture + Design
Feasibility Study, Analysis

SYSTRA Canada has been mandated to accompany the STM in the development of infrastructure requirements related to the operation of electric buses.

As part of the design and the implementation of the future Bellechasse bus garage that must be designed to accommodate the equipment that will eventually operate 210 electric buses, SYSTRA Canada will become STM’s partner to collect and analyze all necessary information related to the use of electric buses.

More precisely, SYSTRA Canada will be in charge of executing the following:

  • Electrical capacity analysis required for the recharge of 210 electric buses in operation;
  • Identification of various typical layout scenarios targeted for the recharge of electrical buses;
  • Inventory of equipments to be considered to carry out the installations;
  • Technical and functional description of the premises necessary for the layout of the electrical installations required in a bus garage that will support the operation of 210 electric buses (ex.: entries and electrical room, etc.);
  • A list of elements necessary to design the building and the proposed layouts (ex.: roof structure reinforcement, anchorage points, clear heights, etc.).

To successfully execute this project, SYSTRA Canada will work in collaboration with three partners:

  • The development agency of the RATP group (Paris public transport system);
  • SDK, an engineering firm that specializes in building structures; and
  • The law firm, Bisson Fortin, Architecture + Design.

This 18-week contract is part of a SYSTRA group global strategy that consists in becoming one of the major actors in innovative transport solutions, and more specifically in electro mobility.