We are convinced that a company cannot grow in a sustainable fashion without feeling responsible for its impact on society and on the planet, and without putting respect for people and ethical practices at the centre of its activities.

Pierre Verzat, Chief Executive Officer

This statement by Pierre Verzat summarizes SYSTRA’s four objectives in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

  • Have a positive influence on society;
  • Preserve the environment
  • Protect the people by applying our 3S principles;
  • Be exemplary in ethics.

Our mission is to provide communities with safe and sustainable transportation solutions. Our challenge is to design and implement the safest, most efficient, sustainable, and innovative transport solutions. To achieve this, we need to foster a culture of conscientiousness by making decisions that are in the interest of stakeholders, customers, and the local community.

SYSTRA has integrated its Corporate Social Responsibility directly in its General Policy, which defines the mission, vision, and commitments of the Group.


For us, mobility and transport are factors for inclusion, promoting freedom and the creation of opportunities for all. The projects that we carry out contribute to improving the lives of populations: by bringing individuals together and facilitating access to work, education, leisure, and more.

We act in favour of local development in the implementation of projects we work on and always prioritize the populations that we serve. We account for the social and political impact of all our infrastructure projects as far as possible.


Environmental responsibility is an essential component of sustainable development. Beyond the best practices we adopt at our sites, what characterises SYSTRA is linking the technical identity of projects to a sustainable design approach.

We aim to assess, appraise and mitigate potential ecological constraints in a timely fashion to ensure both the dualities of environmental legal compliance and innovative environmental engineering design solutions are incorporated in the complex and exciting infrastructure projects we work on. 


the health, safety and security of the public, transport industry actors and our colleagues is a real moral responsibility! To be a reference company and contribute to a safer world, the involvement of managers is essential. It is via their daily commitment to HSS, via their ability to set an example by having a “safety attitude” that all our colleagues will share these common values. Safety is everyone’s business, and everyone is committed to ensuring it on a daily basis.


Ethics and compliance are part of our DNA, and as a reference engineering company, we have an important role to play in all our activities to contribute to a fairer world. Therefore, SYSTRA’s approach to ethics and compliance goes far beyond notions of risk assessment and control.

We have put together a solid ethics program, backed by a structured international organisation, addressing the most relevant subjects of the territories in which we operate. This allows us to maintain absolute rigour in the fight against corruption, collusion, fraud and coercive practices.