With its main office in Montreal, Quebec, SYSTRA Canada delivers innovative consulting, engineering, and project management services in all fields of transportation, including track & infrastructure, rolling stock, railway operations, signalling & telecommunications, economic & financial studies, marketing, institutional & management consulting, as well as support services since 1991.

Our permanent core of specialists combine mature professional experience gained in Canada and internationally with academic excellence, and personal qualities that make them culturally sensitized project managers, engineers, consultants, trainers and administrators.

SYSTRA Canada has successfully carried out over 1,000 projects all over the world. We are recognized worldwide for our comprehensive railway expertise, whether in the freight and mining sector, promoting our knowledge of North American standards and rules, or in passenger mobility, offering a full set of expertise.

SYSTRA group

SYSTRA is one of the world’s leading engineering and consultancy groups specializing in public transport and mobility solutions. For more than 65 years, the Group has been committed to helping cities and regions to contribute to their development by creating, improving and modernizing their transport infrastructures.

With its 10,300 employees, the Group’s mission is to facilitate travel throughout the world, bringing people closer together and giving them access to employment, healthcare, education and leisure.

Signature team for transport solutions, SYSTRA supports its partners and clients throughout the lifecycle of their projects.


In addition to competencies in management and technical issues, SYSTRA Canada prides itself in innovative and customer tailored solutions. To achieve this, our consultants carefully listen to clients, analyze problems and search for solutions that challenge the status quo. Our experts become the architects of solutions that are rooted in the needs of the client and then proceed to develop and implement, with their assistance, achievable and measurable milestones.

Our consultants include:

  • Alignment and track engineers (design and maintenance), as well as technicians;
  • Rolling stock engineers and technicians;
  • Workshop designers;
  • Signalling and telecommunications engineers;
  • Simulations experts;
  • Railway operations experts;
  • Procurement specialists;
  • Economists and financial experts;
  • Experts in privatization, institutional development and restructuring;
  • Transaction advisors;
  • Experienced CAD operators.

SYSTRA Canada’s Transit division focuses on the Canadian passenger mobility market. Our team has expertise in a variety of transportation modes, including high-speed rail, light rail transit, and electric buses.

We provide our clients with specific conventional rail solutions for transportation of both passengers and freight/mining resources. We are a preferred rail partner in the mining sector due to our deep knowledge of North American heavy rail standards and practices.

SYSTRA Canada provides turnkey solutions for passenger cars, wagons, and locomotives. With over 300 projects under our belt, our expertise includes topics such as design, maintenance, and refurbishment of rolling stock.

We Think About the End Users from Day One

Our diverse team thinks holistically to combine technical and human-centred disciplines. We inspire confidence in the communities that we serve, providing safe and resilient infrastructure solutions.

We Are an Experienced and Trusted​ Partner

We are open, honest, and adaptable, making it easy for clients and partners to work with us as we help unlock opportunities, overcome challenges, and deliver world-leading solutions and technical expertise.


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