Technical details
Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT)


Assist AMT in their power capacity increase
Electrical simulations

The power available to the commuter trains needed to be validated to confirm that it could handle a potential load increase due to the increase in power demand stemming from the creation of newly connected sections to the Deux-Montagnes line (trains de l’Est, Blainville).

The purpose was to identify and quantify the improvements required to support AMT’s future operating needs. The study included electrical simulations of the traction equipment and of the catenary facilities for the Montreal/Deux-Montagnes line, including new electrified sections.

SYSTRA Canada performed these electrical simulations with the following operating changes:

  • Introduction of new rolling stock;
  • Development of future electrified sections (Roxboro-Bois-Franc, Jonction de l’Est, connection with the Blainville line, Pointe St-Charles);
  • These simulations were conducted for six scenarios in normal function mode and in fail safe mode.

Description of Services

  • Modelling and electrical simulations of the line according to the AMT schedule: fixed traction installations, existing catenary installations and new sections, traction equipment (set of wagons MR90, extended MR90, dual power system locomotives);
  • Analysis of the simulation results and verification of the compliance voltage against the current standards;
  • Recommendations related to installations to support the increased load or improve the line electrical operation;
  • Cost evaluation for these installations.

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