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2020 Activity Report

Mobility, mobilised” is the theme of our 2020 Activity Report, which focuses on the impact of the health crisis on mobility.

2020 Declaration of extra financial performance

The Sustainability Report 2020 presents our approach, our contribution and our indicators in the field of sustainable development in a visual and interactive way. 

2019 Activity Report

Signed up for sustainable mobility: such is the commitment made by SYSTRA in 2019, for the years and decades to come.

The future of the metro by SYSTRA and Usbek & Rica

In 2020, in a context marked by the sanitary crisis and the proliferation of technical inventions, SYSTRA and Usbek & Rica consider what the future of the metro might be.

2019 Declaration of extra financial performance

All together for a sustainable future: act for the environment, support our clients on a path to sustainable mobility, and be a responsible and committed employer.

White paper

Automated and Autonomous Public Transport: Possibilities, Challenges and Technologies.

2018 Activity Report

Designed like a magazine, ‘Signatures’ brings value to the men and women who make up SYSTRA.

At a glance

Discover SYSTRA’s highlights in a few pages

2017 Activity Report

In our 60th year we look ahead to the emerging trends that will shape the future of transport.

2016 Activity Report

The report highlights SYSTRA’s successes over the past year, including many of our flagship projects, as well as our views on transportation trends

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