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SYSTRA employs talented people all around the world, giving them the opportunity to build their careers and develop and enhance their experience.

Our international presence

SYSTRA is present on all five continents and our expertise networks enable the needs of our clients to be addressed, throughout the world. Click here to access the contact details for all our locations.

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Crossrail - London
Did you know . . .?
SYSTRA are part of the team with Bechtel and CH2M serving as Crossrail’s project delivery partner team to deliver this £14.8bn project.
Grand Paris metro – Line 15 south
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SYSTRA is involved in every phase of the Line 15 south project of the Grand Paris metro.
MRT – Extension of Line 14 of the Paris Metro
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Extension of Line 14 will also benefit to the passengers of Line 13, who will have desaturated journeys!
Southern Europe Atlantic HSL
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SYSTRA was appointed project manager for the design of the new Southern Europe Atlantic high speed line (SEA HSL). In addition, a joint venture set up by SYSTRA was (...)
Stockholm – Linköping ‘Ostlänken’ HSR
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SYSTRA is producing designs for Sweden’s high speed Ostlänken line.
SYSTRA publishes its 2016 Activity Report
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2016 was a year cementing our position as a strong and robust company. Have a look to our 2016 Activity Report.
SYSTRA wins an ACE award for the rapid implementation of its business strategy
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The ACE - Association for Consultancy and Engineering - congratulated SYSTRA's strategy and sustainable growth dynamic.
SYSTRA’s new contract in Corsica: a sustainable success
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SYSTRA contributes to the rail network in Corsica, which faces a significant increase in the number of passengers.
United Arab Emirates – Dubai Tram
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Did-you know that Dubai Tram was the first LRT built in Middle-East? It is equipped with systems of the automatic protection of the vehicles.
Washington D.C. Streetcar
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SYSTRA was project manager for the first Light Rail Transit line of Washignton, the D.C. Streetcar.
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