SYSTRA wins the Innovation Award for its Smart Station concept
15 June 2016

SYSTRA wins the Innovation Award for its Smart Station concept

On 14 June at the European Mobility Exhibition in Paris, SYSTRA was awarded: Cédric Gallais received, on behalf of the Group, the Innovation Award for the Smart station in the Accessibility/Amenities/Comfort/Design category.

By virtue of the atmosphere created within it, the smart station offers the traveller an entirely new experience. This accolade rewards the research and dedication of SYSTRA’s Innovation Direction teams.

The station plays on the traveller’s senses: natural light brings a sense of well-being, while LED lighting changes colour to create a different ambiance and modify traffic flow; the station’s sound management system is used to make traffic more efficient and enhance communication quality. Through this sensory experience, the station becomes a living organism interacting with its occupants.

For the users, the space around them is warmer and better lit, and they are better informed at all times of the day. For the station operator, ventilation, announcements, lighting and information displays can be adapted in real time thanks to numerous sensors, both inside and outside the station, connected to a hypervisor. Dedicated interfaces identify and anticipate dysfunctions, making maintenance easier, while efficiency is ensured through dynamic station management.

Thanks to a coherent succession of ambiances, the station operates more efficiently, affording a successful travel experience. Take a look in the video below:

Cover picture credit: © GIE Objectif transport public 2016/B. Mazodier

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