the high-speed rail specialist

For fast, environmentally-friendly travel, high-speed rail (over 250 km/h) is the reliable, reasonable and sustainable alternative to air travel, eliminating distances and providing better links between towns and cities from their very centre. SYSTRA has been a pioneer in high-speed rail since the 1980s and has contributed to the design of half of the world’s high-speed lines in service or under construction on five continents*.

*except China

revitalise regions with RAIL

High-speed rail brings people closer together, reduces journey times and opens up new economic opportunities.

To date, it is the most efficient, robust and sustainable solution for interconnecting cities.

Added to this are the notions of environmental utility and efficiency: an HSR line helps to relieve congestion on the road network, emits little CO², and is a durable, long-lasting infrastructure that can adapt to technological change.

a unique expertise on all phases of hsr projects

The experience acquired by SYSTRA over 40 years in France and around the world enables us to master all the technical solutions on the market and to handle all types of projects, both infrastructure and systems.

We work with our clients from the earliest modelling phases to determine routes. Here are just a few examples: feasibility studies for the future UK HS2 network, new line projects in France in Occitania, Normandy and from Montpellier to Perpignan.

This support continues throughout the execution and completion of the projects until they are brought into service. This is reflected in contracts customised to the needs of the project: integrated project management, project management assistance, independent certifier, stakeholder in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), or delivery partner in Design & Build.

a service offer right up to the maintenance

Our commitment to our clients extends right through to the operating phase: on the Tours-Bordeaux line, we are involved in 30% of operational maintenance via the MESEA joint venture, a unique position in our sector.

This is a long-term assignment, spanning 50 years, which will involve us on a daily basis until 2051, in the service of optimum quality and efficiency of the line for its passengers.

This real-time feedback from the field is a major asset for our future HSR projects.

DIGITAL AND INNOVATION, drivers of acceleration for high speed

Big data and digital technologies are opening up new opportunities for reducing project completion times and monitoring operating data in real time. The BIM (Building Information Modelling) approach speeds up the design phase and makes it more reliable, while securing costs and planning.

Similarly, our teams of experts and our digital predictive maintenance solutions support our clients in defining and planning their maintenance strategies for their operational solutions.

Finally, we design innovative and cost-effective solutions to speed up the construction of HSLs, improve their resilience and simplify their maintenance.

a new type of innovative rail track designed by SYSTRA

SYSTRA has registered a patent for standardised ballastless track used for new lines and track renewal.

This innovative ballastless track concept has been installed on a trial basis on the rail network of the port of Marseille-Fos. This is a world first for this 20-metre-long track, designed for all railway lines, including high-speed lines.

did you know?

Earthworks and civil engineering account for over 70% of the cost of a high-speed line, which is why our engineers pay particular attention to the parameters relating to these two areas.

Our achievements in images

Rhine-Rhône high-speed line – France
HS1 high-speed line – United Kingdom
HSL tracks – Electric Express Train – Egypt
Double HSR viaduct in Avignon – France
North-East Corridor – United States
Al Boraq Casablanca-Tangier high-speed train – Morocco
South Europe-Atlantic HSL – France
Seoul High-Speed Train Station – South Korea
Double viaduct in Auxance – France
High-Speed Train – Al Boraq Casablanca-Tangier – Morocco
Viaduct on the Medway of the HS1 – United Kingdom
Artist’s impression of the California HSL – United States

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High-speed lines are a fast and reliable way of getting from one city to another.

They emit little CO² and help to reduce pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion.