Metros to keep the world’s cities moving

From Montreal to Sydney, via Santiago, London, Paris, Cairo and Mumbai, SYSTRA has been involved in almost 1 in 2 metro lines worldwide. Our experts in urban transport cover all aspects of metro projects, from the creation of new networks from scratch or new lines, to extensions or optimisation, including the complete automation of existing infrastructure.

We are the world leader in automated metros, with 60% of lines in service, under construction or being automated. SYSTRA’s engineers deployed the very first automatic control systems back in the 1970s, with VAL-type full automatic control systems in Lille and CBTC-type systems on line 14 in Paris.

Pioneering metros signed SYSTRA

Our references include a number of world firsts: the longest automatic line in Dubai, the busiest line in the world in Makkah, lines on one of the densest networks in Shanghai, and a large part of the project management and project management assistance for the world’s most ambitious metro project, the Grand Paris Express (Paris region).

SYSTRA at the heart of all phases of a metro project

To bring these projects to fruition, we are equally proficient in technical design, from preliminary studies to commissioning, in project management or assistance with operation management, auditing and independent checks, whether in the field of civil engineering, systems and signalling, command and control or passenger information and experience.

the future of the metro as seen by SYSTRA and Usbek & Rica

In a context of constant change and proliferation, SYSTRA and Usbek & Rica are looking at possible future scenarios for the metro.
Can it still be a field of innovation? What will it look like in 15 years’ time? And beyond?

Booklet published in 2020.

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The automatic metro, a sustainable and responsible solution for urban mobility.