Opening up the railways to logistics transport

Rail, which facilitates the movement of people, is also a means of transporting freight and goods. In India and the Middle East, gigantic rail networks are being built to interconnect cities, logistics hubs and free production zones. SYSTRA brings all its expertise to bear, from design to site supervision and contract management.

The creation of rail lines dedicated to freight and goods transport is both a condition and a consequence of economic development. The challenge is to build lines capable of handling very high tonnage trains per axle and to integrate these lines into logistics, port and industrial environments, with the best possible connections at interconnection hubs.

Supporting the growth of logistics platforms

SYSTRA is involved in several new freight networks around the world. Examples include Etihad Rail in the United Arab Emirates, which brings logistics hubs closer to consumer centres, several freight corridors in India to link the country’s industrial centres, and the Standard Gauge Railway in Tanzania between the port of Isaka and the shores of Lake Victoria.

In France, the Nîmes-Montpellier bypass is the first new line capable of handling both freight and high-speed traffic, and will relieve existing services. In addition to freight, SYSTRA is also involved in logistics platform projects such as those in Le Havre and Dunkirk.

A unique range of solutions for heavy freight and the mining sector

Our knowledge of North American heavy rail standards and practices has enabled us to develop a comprehensive range of services for the planning, engineering, implementation and operation of railways for freight transport and the mining sector.

From opportunity studies to investment studies (technical and financial) and construction supervision, including audits of existing assets and support for their regeneration, SYSTRA can meet the needs of every freight and logistics client.

Our references in this field range from Brazil, with the electrification of lines used by the Vale mining company, to Gabon and Guinea, where we are working with local ore line operators, not forgetting Quebec, where we are taking part in the construction of new heavy goods and freight services.

Did you know?

SYSTRA has teamed up with Stradal, the French leader in precast concrete, to design a new-generation, low-carbon ballastless track.

This patented innovation is designed for all rail lines, both freight and high-speed. Maintenance costs are reduced, guaranteeing operators a high level of track availability.

The other advantage of this ballastless track concept is that it offers a sustainable, efficient solution with low environmental impact: its structure is entirely prefabricated from low-carbon reinforced concrete, its track width is reduced (2.5 metres compared with 4 metres for ballasted track), and it does not require any platform repairs before being laid.


Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor – India
Gisors-Serqueux line – France
Gisors-Serqueux line – France
Bridge on the Gisors-Serqueux line – France
Etihad Rail network – United Arab Emirates
Logistics platform on the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor – India
Logistics platform on the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor – India
Freight train – Canada
Bauxite train – Guinea