About the SPARK Challenge

The SPARK Challenge is an internal programme designed to reward the creativity and entrepreneurial skills of SYSTRA Group employees. Everyone can submit their ideas, concepts or innovative projects and become an intrapreneur. The winning projects are selected by an international jury and by all employees for the public prize.

SYSTRA relies on its employees to invent sustainable solutions which create value for our clients and help shape the mobility of tomorrow. 

In 2023

At the heart of our strategy 

Through the SPARK Challenge, all our sites and subsidiaries are involved in building our innovation strategy.

We encourage and recognise the creative spirit of our employees. We are convinced that the company’s potential for innovation comes from our people.
With the help of our intrapreneurs, we can offer innovative services and products to our customers, in line with their local needs.

An opportunity for everyone to develop their skills

Participating in the SPARK Challenge is also an opportunity for employees to acquire new skills and to develop a project in an accelerated way. Accompanied by teams trained in agility and entrepreneurship methods, the intrapreneurs live an enriching experience to bring their projects to life and give life to their ideas.

The SPARK Challenge provides a framework for SYSTRA employees to innovate and undertake within the Group. This programme allows employees to achieve and develop new skills through intrapreneurship methods.
Stéphane Birien, HR Group

Thanks to the coaching, we validated the idea and our potential market. They were useful, they drew our attention to things we didn’t know. Thanks to them, we have a vision on how to make our idea a reality from a technical and financial point of view.
Maya Challita, intrapreneur (Dubai)

Through this programme, SYSTRA allows you to discover your intrapreneurial skills and to refine them.  The visibility and engagement that the platform offers is rewarding and empowers you to put your ideas into action.
Gunjan Thanki, intrapreneuse (India)

The benefits of the SPARK Challenge are many. It allows us to grow our network of contacts and to be in contact with people with similar goals. It also allows us to improve our personal skills.
Christophe Farley-Legault, intrapreneur (Canada)

SPARK Challenge, creating value

This programme has given rise to solutions that are now offered to our clients. This is the case for SafebyBIM, our solution for integrating project risk assessment into BIM models. It is also the case for Cyclops, our tool for providing planning studies for cycling and soft mobility infrastructure projects.

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