Managing and maintaining all networks

SYSTRA’s ambition is to provide infrastructure operators and managers with the space and equipment they need to make the most of their services by designing depots, maintenance workshops and Operation Control Centres.

Every day, SYSTRA is involved in the design and construction of depots and maintenance facilities, also known as maintenance and storage sites, for all modes of transport, whether metros or tramways, buses or suburban trains. The aim is threefold:

  • park trains and vehicles in a secure area;
  • maintain and clean them;
  • prepare for their inspection and any repairs, in a single organised and rationalised location.

Each maintenance and storage site operates like a factory, with its own agents, parts stocks and production lines, with the aim of prolonging and maximising the use of vehicles and achieving the safest, most efficient operation possible.

Essential infrastructure for mobility

Every time a new transport line is planned, the creation or extension of a maintenance workshop/garage needs to be considered.

From Xiamen to Chennai, each depot is customised, taking into account the gauge of the equipment, the number of trains and the integration of the space into the urban fabric.

We master the entire design chain, from architecture to structural design and electromechanical equipment, and we monitor the construction of the buildings before commissioning them.

We can also design industrial maintenance sites, such as the one for the Grand Paris Express at Vitry-sur-Seine. This single site for the maintenance of the network’s 3 lines – 15, 16, 17 – will house the work trains and equipment for repairing the tracks, tunnels and stations of the new Île-de-France metro.

As we do for maintenance and storage sites, the studies are carried out using a dynamic digital BIM model, enabling everyone involved in the project to work in a single environment and to identify in real time the consequences of modifications on all the future buildings.

In the bus sector, SYSTRA is supporting energy transition in networks by creating or converting depots to new energies: electricity, natural gas for vehicles (NGV) and hydrogen.

Solutions for sustainably designed Facilities

Building a garage workshop is anything but trivial: the choice of a large plot of land means that ecological impacts have to be taken into account.

For the T12 tram-train depot in the Île-de-France region, for example, SYSTRA’s teams proposed compensation measures to prevent the destruction of a protected plant species, the broomrape.

SYSTRA is also deploying the Carbontracker solution in all its infrastructure projects, including garage workshops, in order to assess, measure, monitor and control carbon emissions.

control centres for operational safety

SYSTRA installs and commissions operation control centres for rail networks, providing operators and public bodies with the widest possible view of the operational management of transport.

Safety is the watchword, with closed systems, operator training provided by SYSTRA systems experts, and support for operators in the operation and maintenance of their network.

SYSTRA takes into account all the parameters from an OCC:

  • automated train control
  • ticketing equipment
  • ventilation systems
  • landing door control systems
  • station automation
  • power supply
  • signposting

We have helped numerous clients in China, France and Vietnam to set up functional OCCs, without compromising operational safety.

Our achievements in images

Île-de-France Mobilités & RATP bus depot – France
Lusail Tramway Operation Control Centre – Qatar
Future maintenance centre in Chillan – Chili
Future Grand Paris Express maintenance centre – France