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Press releases

  • September 20th, 2023

    A new type of innovative railway track designed by SYSTRA installed for the first time in the port of Marseille-Fos

  • August 31st, 2023

    SYSTRA integrates three Atkins entities in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and strengthens its presence in Scandinavia

  • July 7th, 2023

    SYSTRA has reached an agreement to acquire the Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian entities of Atkins, part of the SNC-Lavalin Group. This operation will enable SYSTRA to considerably strengthen its local presence, in line with its development ambitions in the Scandinavian countries. With these 770 new employees, SYSTRA becomes a leading regional player in the field of engineering and consultancy for transport infrastructures.

  • June 6th, 2023

    The acquisition of Bamser, in Australia, and Subterra, in Spain, positions SYSTRA as a leading global player in the field of tunnel design and construction.


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