13 March 2024
SYSTRA, as part of a joint venture with British engineering firm Mace, has signed a Project Management Consultancy Services (PMS) contract with India’s Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) for the Redevelopment of Ahmedabad Railway Station.

Multiple challenges

A brownfield project*, with ongoing construction, this project poses tough challenges to safely operate around 160 trains and movement of approximately 120,000 passengers per day. With our stringent Project Management practices including Safety, Quality, and cutting-edge Digital Technology like e-PMC, the teams in India are fully prepared to deliver the project within the stipulated parameters.

We are already providing PMS for the redevelopment of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) in Mumbai, India’s largest railway station, and now our involvement in the Ahmedabad Railway Station project further strengthens our portfolio for railway station redevelopment projects in India.

Hari Somalraju, CEO SYSTRA India

Providing seamless travel

The modernisation of this key railway station will provide a world-class experience to users and facilitate a seamless Multi-Modal Transport Hub (MMTH), integrating Indian Railways, Metro Rail and High-Speed Rail.

3D image of the project as envisaged by RLDA

*Brownfield project is a term used in urban planning, which means land that has been used previously but is now lying vacant or unused.

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