The flexibility of the bus means that efficient connections can be created quickly in the heart of a region, and then services can be adapted to the number of passengers. Bus infrastructure is becoming increasingly efficient, both in terms of power, with electric, NGV or hydrogen-powered buses, and in terms of passenger reception, with bus rapid transit buses (BRTs).

Modern, versatile and high-performance, the bus is the ideal transport system for fine-meshing all areas of the country. It can be adapted to suit every need, and can run on dedicated or shared lanes, be energy self-sufficient or require an overhead power supply (trolleybus) or a battery-powered system, and be equipped with optical guidance systems.

From bus to BRT, we are with you every step of the way

SYSTRA is involved at every stage in the development of a bus project, from the upstream phase of traffic forecasting to define routes according to ridership requirements, the adaptation of depots to accommodate new energies (electricity, NGV, hydrogen), or assistance with the creation of a network through ticketing and visual identity.

We support all our clients around the world in adapting and extending their bus networks, right up to the creation of true BRT-type rapid surface transport networks.

BRT is a highly efficient mode of transport: equipped with innovative intelligent transport systems on board and in stations, it provides passengers with real-time passenger information and flexible fare services. It is also comfortable and easy to get on and off thanks to platforms located at the same height as the vehicle floors.

Support throughout the project lifecycle

The solutions developed by our teams offer an efficient, low-energy system that reduces congestion and CO2 emissions. As a major player in the bus industry, we can transform your vision into a programme of perfectly managed stages, from feasibility studies to commissioning and assistance with maintenance and operation.

With a high level of regularity and priority at intersections, BRT improves passenger well-being and meets the environmental commitments of major conurbations to public transport, while offering a more affordable level of investment than a tramway.


From Brazil to Canada, via France, Senegal and the Philippines, we offer bus and BRT systems all over the world, providing all our clients with relevant, operational and original solutions to help them achieve their objectives.

Our experience, gained internationally on major projects and on the world’s densest networks, is based on a detailed knowledge of people’s transport needs and the best possible integration into the fabric of cities.

Our achievements in images

Bus Rapid Transit of Belo Horizonte – Brazil
BRT of Metz (Mettis) – France
Lyon Trolleybus – France
Electric bus in Montreal – Canada
Bus multimodal exchange hub in Belo Horizonte – Brazil
Electric bus in Paris – France
Bus Rapid Transit station in Dakar – Senegal
Bus Rapid Transit in Bandung – Indonesia

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Bus Rapid Transit, an intelligent and sustainable solution for urban mobility.