In charge of sustainaible mobility studies, 

What is your job?

I am now a research officer in sustainable mobility within the Sustainability Group department. I work on the development of SYSTRA’s business and expertise on these subjects.

I’ve always been attracted to the world of transport. It improves connectivity and accessibility and is a lever for socioeconomic development. I began my studies in Morocco by training as a Civil Engineer at the Hassania School. When I joined the ‘Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées’ via a double degree programme, I reoriented myself towards an engineering curriculum focused on mobility, transport and infrastructure. During this course, I did several internships, including one at an international development institution where I was able to observe various transport projects throughout their lifecycles. These experiences were very enriching and allowed me to better define my professional project. So, I joined SYSTRA to develop my skills in transport while responding to socio-environmental and technological challenges.  

What do you do at SYSTRA?

I joined SYSTRA in February 2020 for my end-of-study internship as a research officer in the Consultancy & Development Directorate (DCA). My first assignment was to draw up a methodological guide on the energy transition for bus & coach networks. In order to carry it out, I designed a decision-support tool allowing a comparative economic and environmental evaluation of multi-technology transition scenarios. I have also been involved in ongoing projects for sustainable mobility planning at international level.

Since December 2020, I have been part of the Sustainability department working on the energy transition and eco-design. I am especially in charge of formalising feedback and expertise to support and strengthen the technical and sales teams on the subjects of energy transition and ecodesign for transport systems. I am also involved in operational projects both in France and abroad by participating calls for tenders, setting up projects and providing expert support to meet client expectations.

What are the 3 important qualities or skills in your job?

In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of the challenges of sustainable development and that seeks to take advantage of the rapid development of new technologies, it is important to be proactive and curious. This makes it possible to trigger a dynamic consideration for research and innovation and to propose ad hoc solutions. This approach also relies on critical thinking thinking to understand these subjects and assess the relevance and feasibility of solutions.

The human component remains a key element in the implementation of energy transition and sustainable development projects. In our assignments, we are confronted with various actors and different skills. To ensure the smooth running of the project, it is important to be versatile, open and communicative. The aim is to share the same vision of the subjects dealt with and to ensure sharing and coordination between stakeholders.


I chose to join SYSTRA because it’s an engineering and consultancy firm that works to provide integrated transport solutions in France and abroad. It’s a company that seeks to evolve and anticipate future mobility needs.

SYSTRA also boasts a very good working atmosphere, dynamic teams and a management team that listens to its clients.

In addition, within SYSTRA, it is possible to forge your own career and acquire new skills through work on strategic projects and training opportunities. Internal mobility is also an asset to bring your expertise where you need and want to be.