22 March 2024
A trio of project successes in the water and environment market have recently been celebrated by SYSTRA’s UK & Ireland teams, demonstrating our exciting progress in this growing market. On this World Water Day we take a look at three projects which demonstrate our expertise in the domain.

The following projects were awarded thanks to our environmental expertise:

Project 1 : CSO detail design for a water supply and treatment utility

Through contractor Sapphire Utility Solutions* (SUS), SYSTRA will provide detail design for combined sewer overflows (CSOs) for Yorkshire Water.

CSOs are used in times of heavy rain to prevent sewage backing up and flooding homes, so they are an essential part of the wastewater network.

These three wins are part of our ambitious plan to utilise the strengths and experience of our teams beyond our traditional markets. With the new biodiversity net gain rules now in force, and a commitment from the water industry to tackle pollution, securing our places on these projects supports our positioning and helps build our relationships for many future opportunities.

Mike Muldoon, Business Development Director, SYSTRA UK & Ireland

Project 2 : A market research and insight project with Thames Water

As part of this 3-year contract, SYSTRA is one of a panel of approved companies responsible for providing a wide range of customer behaviour services to help the Thames Water, the UK’s largest water and wastewater company, in its business decisions.

Customer feedback is essential to water and wastewater companies, and the expertise our Behaviour Change & Research Team offers in this area is significant. We look forward to working with Thames Water on a variety of projects over the coming years.

Shirel Stedman, Market Director, SYSTRA UK

Project 3 : A place on a biodiversity management framework through Network Rail
(the company that owns and develops Britain’s railway infrastructure)

The framework aims to address Network Rail’s commitment to achieve no net biodiversity loss on its projects by 2024 and biodiversity net gain by 2030.

With the new Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) rules now in effect, transport infrastructure must be delivered and maintained in a way that supports and protects the natural environment. Our ecological work on this contract will ensure Network Rail, as a significant land manager, meets its obligations.

Ana Togridou, Discipline Lead (Nature Positive**), SYSTRA UK

Our ecology, landscape, and biodiversity experts in action:

* Sapphire Utility Solutions is a specialist supplier of water treatment, gas, wastewater, digital networks and infrastructure services.

** Nature Positive is a range of environmental services offered by SYSTRA UK & Ireland, bringing together the expertise of ecologists, landscape architects, environmental consultants and ecosystem services.

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