Solutions to suit every need

SYSTRA’s expertise in urban modes such as cable cars, funicular railways, monorails and PRT or hectometric ‘people-movers’ can provide answers to these questions, whether they involve high gradients, a small footprint or short distances.


These systems generate direct environmental benefits, through effective urban integration to combat congestion and a reduction in air and noise pollution, which is endemic in urban areas.

overcoming topography with urban cable cars

At a time when local authorities are looking to equip themselves with more sustainable modes of transport, the cable car market looks promising.

Cable cars, which are generally used in mountainous areas to overcome great differences in altitude, can be used to overcome problems of relief and natural or man-made barriers (road infrastructure, railway lines, etc.), to link up neighbourhoods and to combat the total isolation of certain areas.


This mode of public transport, which operates by means of carrying and hauling cables, facilitates mobility in environments where other means of transport would be too costly to develop.

Three urban cable cars are currently in operation in France: one in Toulouse, inaugurated in May 2022, has 3 stations, Brest has 2 stations, and another cable system, a monocable gondola, has been in service in Saint-Denis de la Réunion since early 2022.

…AND A concrete reality in the world

SYSTRA is involved in the development of cable cars throughout the world, with two major areas of development: Latin America, and more specifically Ecuador, with a study in Guayaquil; and Eurasia, with several projects for new cable car lines in Tbilisi in Georgia, in the foothills of the Caucasus.

For more than 20 years, we have been responding to our clients’ requests for cable transport, with implementation studies in Manila in the Philippines and in India in the Himalayas.

Monorails and funiculars: customised solutions

SYSTRA has expertise in all the transport technologies available on the market, so that we can advise our clients on their choice of transport mode. We have references for all types of cable transport, including cable cars, funicular railways and urban lifts, both in terms of design (France) and modernisation (China).

The Group’s engineering teams also have expertise in the full range of guided transport solutions integrated into dense urban environments, such as monorails, with several projects in Brazil and the Middle East, and PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) hectometric shuttles adapted to airport hubs and shopping centres.


Tbilissi Cable Car – Georgia
Enshi Funicular – China
São Paulo Monorail (Line 15) – Brazil
Tbilissi Cable Car – Georgia
Téléo Cable Car in Toulouse – France
Palm Jumeirah Monorail – Dubai
Cable car pylon in Toulouse – France
Cable car pylon in Toulouse – France