Vital rail networks

Railways have been an integral part of SYSTRA’s original vocation since 1957, the year of our very first assignment: preparing the electrification of the Indian rail network. Always at the service of economic and social development, we are involved in all aspects of projects, from the design and construction of new lines to the modernisation and regeneration of existing links, meeting the highest technical standards and the most stringent environmental requirements.


Rail links enable towns and regions to develop. All over the world, rail is synonymous with access to employment, education, healthcare and leisure. Today’s technologies offer safe and efficient travel thanks to systems such as ERTMS standardised signalling, but also with sustainable and robust infrastructures such as ballastless track, for which SYSTRA has filed a patent for the construction of new tracks as well as the regeneration of existing tracks.

We are also one of the benchmark engineering companies working alongside construction companies on Design & Build and Public-Private Partnership contracts, so that we can take account of operating and maintenance constraints right from the initial studies and guarantee the best possible cost optimisation.


The links created more than a century ago often still exist today and are more necessary than ever for the population. This is why SYSTRA offers a full range of expertise in the modernisation and regeneration of existing railway lines, in order to reopen tracks, increase capacity or extend the lifespan of infrastructure, without compromising the safety of users or operational robustness for operators and maintainers.

We are also carrying out electrification and infrastructure optimisation projects to improve the environmental and operational efficiency of our networks. To this end, we are going so far as to offer a 100% renewable power supply for our signalling systems via photovoltaic energy.

Finally, as part of our drive to make our infrastructure sustainable, we have developed a unique asset management tool so that our clients can audit and prioritise modernisation investments according to their own sustainability criteria.

did you know?

SYSTRA is at the forefront of rail innovation and is involved in several European research and development projects.

From 2017 to 2019, SYSTRA was part of the TAS programme, which culminated in 2019 with the launch of the DOS project, the aim of which is to propose a high-performance, safe obstacle detection and lateral signalling reading system.

Another example: within Shift2Rail, since 2019 we have been studying ways of improving train control systems to optimise the accuracy of locating trains running on the network and thus ensure better traffic management, while reducing operating costs.

Our achievements in pictures

ViaRail train – Canada
Rail network in Queensland – Australia
GO rail network in Ontario – Canada
Metrolinx rail network – Canada
Dakar Regional Express Train – Senegal
Kiwi Rail train network – New Zealand
ViaRail train in Toronto – Canada
EFE regional train – Chile
Serqueux-Gisors railway line – France
Serqueux-Gisors railway line – France
Serqueux-Gisors railway line – France
SEPTA train in Pennsylvania – United States
Carriage-2 level of Metrolinx – Canada
Train of the operator Amtrak – United States
Future RRTS train, Delhi-Meerut – India

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