OUR MISSION IS TO provide communities with safe and sustainable transportation solutions

Associated with our values of excellence, connected teams and bold leadership this mission motivates the commitment of all SYSTRA colleagues.

Find below the policies of the SYSTRA group that form the basis of our daily actions.

SYSTRA is synonymous with operational excellence, and there is no operational excellence without the mobilisation of our employees, partners and clients to ensure the health, safety and security of all our stakeholders.

SYSTRA’s specificity is to link the technical identity of projects to a sustainable design approach.

SYSTRA’s approach to ethics and compliance goes far beyond notions of risk assessment and control.

Our role within projects is to set the tone.

The SYSTRA Group’s Integrated Management System meets the requirements of the following certifications:

SYSTRA is certified by OPQIBI (French professional qualification organisation for engineering infrastructure, construction and Industry) for a certain number of areas of expertise