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Cybersecurity is a key issue for transport infrastructures, which are also targets for cyber criminals. To ensure passenger safety and business continuity, the protection of data and systems is essential and must be taken into account at several stages of the project.

we assist you in adressing your cybersecurity challenges

Our transport systems cyber security services are available to meet your specific needs, anywhere in the world, and on different transport systems (conventional rail, TGV, metro, tramway, etc.).


Advice on strategy and on the implementation of information security management systems (ISMS), including PSSI (information security policy), RACI (responsibility assignment matrix), mapping, risk analysis, roadmap, crisis management, and awareness.


Our assessment methods ensure a level of protection adapted to the level of threat to which your organisation is exposed

Project support

Implementation of cybersecurity in the project cycle and the supply chain (Methodological framework, Risk analysis, Cyber requirements, Conformity reviews, Approval, Technical assistance and Expertise).


Advice, analysis, and implementation of solutions (Encryption, Detection, Serious Game).

Our approach to cybersecurity for automated and industrial systems, relies on established standards (IEC 62443, ANSSI guidelines, NIST).

risk Management

Risk analysis and management are the cornerstones of our work with transportation operators and infrastructure managers.

For new projects, SYSTRA assists its clients in the approval process for sensitive information systems, considering cybersecurity from the design phase.

For existing transportation infrastructure, SYSTRA conducts audits of its clients’ industrial systems and provides guidance on implementing security measures to address cyberattacks.


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Assess the security level of your transportation infrastructure and organisation.
Recommended before commissioning a new line, transferring operations, or identifying and monitoring vulnerabilities in an existing infrastructure.


Inform your employees about the cybersecurity of IoT systems, and help them develop their skills.
Recommended before starting a project or to implement IoT governance on an existing infrastructure.

Operators, infrastructure managers and transport authorities recognise SYSTRA for its extensive experience in rail systems and its expertise in cybersecurity for industrial systems.

SYSTRA has worked to capitalise on its skills, rolling out an international technical network to deliver expertise services in close proximity to our clients.

Louis JALLET, Security and Cybersecurity Division Manager, SYSTRA France


Governance: Data classification and security policy (2022)
Project support: Cybersecurity client consultant for metro lines (2022)
Audit: Industrial systems audit for a tramway (2022)
Solutions: Encryption of track-to-train communications (2022)

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