Modern train stations and intermodal terminals are as much a connection point for transport services as they are community hotspots where people come to live, work and play.

Hong Kong station

Stations can be memorable places for Communities

Placemakers are making stations memorable places that create value for neighborhoods.

They are meeting locations, spaces of leisure and promote wellbeing within the community. For businesses, they provide ample opportunities  to reach new markets by providing amazing experiences in retail and entertainment. A station is as much the ability for people to safely connect to transport modes as it is a destination in itself.

Transit Oriented Development for Vibrant, sustainable and walkable cities

Transit Oriented Development is a developing trend that creates vibrant, livable and sustainable communities that centre around stations. Transit Oriented Development sees the creation of a walkable and pedestrian-oriented city utilising mixed-use activations that make it possible for people to live, work and play in the same area. It also makes it possible for us to reduce our dependence cars.

Transit Oriented Development is increasingly popular thanks to a culmination of factors including:

  • Growing densities in urban populations and the desire for a quality lifestyle
  • Reduced appetite for urban sprawl from both communities and governments
  • Traffic congestion and the demand for greater mobility and ease of travel including active transportation.
  • Changing lifestyles and demographics i.e. more singles and smaller families
  • Local economic growth and development that supports city planning initiatives.

As the signature team for transport solutions, SYSTRA designs TOD projects that create vibrant and sustainable communities. We understand the importance of establishing a sense of place, through the design and development of transportation solutions. We have a deep understanding of intermodal connectivity and how mobility affects the communities wellbeing and happiness.

Train platform natural light

Elevated Stations

An elevated station is when the access point to the transit line occurs above the streetscape. Elevated stations benefit communities as they remove level crossings improving commuter safety.

Elevated stations also benefit communities from activating places below the station, opening up new amenities to communities as well as green space.

The Signature team

SYSTRA has a multidisciplinary team of architects, urban planners and engineers who are highly specialised in urban transport projects and who delivered hundreds of elevated stations. The expertise that ranges from conceptual design to detail design for:

  • Structure from roof to foundations
  • Architecture:
    • Urban design (incl. station insertion) and landscaping
    • Functional design (station sizing, accessibility studies)
    • Multimodal studies,
    • Finishes (internal and external)
  • MEP engineering:
    • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
    • Dewatering / Plumbing
    • Fire engineering and Smoke Management Systems
    • Vertical engineering – Escalators and Elevators
    • Low voltage power systems

The teams also apply their expertise to depot and ancillary buildings worldwide.

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