We help our clients design and deliver the most complex engineering problems that will reap lasting benefits to the community.

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Our Approach

Bringing together recognised specialists, our departments are active in all areas: route layouts, geotechnology, earthwork, structures, tunnels, environment, rail systems, rolling stock, operation and maintenance.

These experts are involved at all stages of project definition and delivery, from the initial concept design to the commissioning and handover into Operations and Maintenance of projects.

We also bring global experience across multiple projects and has access to hundreds of international experts experienced in the development and delivery of contemporary design using traditional engineering and Digital Engineering techniques.

Sustainable Design

With net zero ambitions changing the way infrastructure is built and operated, project stakeholders are faced with several challenges just to ensure their project satisfies the demands of government, communities, and businesses.

Sustainable design is an opportunity and a lever for action. We take a holistic approach to all projects to find the right balance between sustainability, cost, and performance together with our clients.

Our Unique blend of Expertise

  • Highly experienced design professionals capable of working in traditional and Digital Engineering environments
  • Leading edge knowledge of BIM for physical and virtual assets
  • Local, national and international experience
  • Experience of all project phases from definition to detailed design
  • Our engineers have a wide range of experience managing all types of design with core strength in rail and rail systems
  • Seamless mobilisation of local, national and international resources to support delivery
  • Leading experience of contemporary rail systems

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