The design of complex systems involves the integration of multiple technologies, networks, structures, and stakeholders.

Systems Integration is essential for coordinating and managing project lifecycles and improving the efficiency, safety and sustainability of transport and mobility systems.

The Systems Integration Challenge

Mobility projects are becoming more complex as technology enables new options and transport services become more sophisticated and interconnected. Delivering new transport systems requires broad and deep skills across the entire spectrum of technical disciplines, as well as collaboration and negotiation skills to deal with an increasing array of stakeholders.

You are confronted with a complex and multidimensional environment. The road to reach an in-operation transportation system can be long!

Strong system engineering and integration skills will be vital to the successful delivery of tomorrow’s sustainable transport and mobility services. These skills are essential to completing complex projects on time, on budget and with the expected quality for a perfect client service

Rob Scarbro, Director - Systems Integration

“Systems Integration is part of our DNA at SYSTRA. We have forged a reputation as global leaders helping our clients to deliver incredible results on projects such as HS2 and Grand Paris. For our local clients, we offer the same global expertise with local knowledge. We work with our clients by providing unique perspectives, technical proficiency and a tailored approach to deliver results. Our goal is to be the go-to team anywhere in Australia and New Zealand when it comes to Systems Integration.”

Rob Scarbro, Director – Systems Integration

The Fast Track to a seamless, safer railway system

In this publication, we delve into the benefits and challenges that will come with interoperability, and focus on the critical role data, technology and people will play in ensuring the journey is as smooth as possible. We also explore a selection of compelling case studies, provide insight into some of the long-term opportunities interoperable rail networks will present, and offer practical guidance on the best way to make a common platform a reality.

Adapting to Complex and Rapidly Evolving Demands

Taking a holistic approach to transport systems is key to providing a robust, competitive & innovative solution, accounting for all present and future challenges.

Some of the main consideration include:

  • Optimise System Engineering and integration
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Improve mobility experience
  • Optimise capacity, performance and cost
  • Improve reliability. safety and security
Project - Dubai Metro

The SYSTRA Systems Approach

Transport and mobility projects are becoming more complex as new technologies emerge and systems become more sophisticated and interconnected.

System integration ensures that, after assembly, the system fulfils initial expectations, within the defined time and budget

A holistic approach is required to address these challenges including a broad range of skills across the entire spectrum of technical disciplines and collaboration and negotiation skills to deal with an increasing array of stakeholders and find optimal multi-criteria solutions.  

Based on SYSTRA’s extensive experience in transportation systems, we have set up a unique system engineering approach that:

  • Delivers optimal performance.
  • Minimises efficiency loss.
  • Enhances the value of the overall project lifecycle from the design and procurement phases to operation.

With more than 1,200 international professionals, our global expertise in system integration is backed by a sophisticated system engineering framework, experienced project management office, and processes built on proven methodology and know-how.

This approach has been successfully implemented across many signature projects locally and internationally including the Grand Paris Express, Egypt High Speed Rail, Dubai Metro Route 2020, Paris-Bordeaux High Speed Line, Lusail Light Rail Transit and NEOMMA.

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Systems Assurance

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Our Strengths in Systems Integration

  • Detailed knowledge of all elements of Systems and Operational Integration.
  • Structured but adaptable outcome focussed approach developed across multiple international projects.
  • Access to the best subject matter experts locally and internationally.
  • Authorised Engineering Organisation for all elements of Systems Integration.
  • Operations and Maintenance integration perspective from our shareholders RATP and SNCF.

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