Measure, Monitor and Control Carbon

Carbontracker is a solution that measures, monitors and controls carbon emissions at each phase of the project. Backed by a specific carbon database compatible with BIM technology, it is a sustainable design tool that adapts to your project data.

The transport sector is the third most polluting industry, accounting for 21% of carbon emissions. In a context of a climate emergency, taking part in the effort to reduce CO2 emissions becomes everyone’s business.
With Carbontracker, you make the choice of a « greener » design and reduce the carbon impact of your projects.


Adaptation to the characteristics of the project

  • Configuration of the tool for any type of project, mode of transport and local conditions (manufacture and transport of materials / components, carbon cost of energy, climatic characteristics, etc.)
  • Configuration and verification of BIM data
  • Possibility to add “non BIM” data from multiple sources (Excel, JSON, database)

Quantification of the carbon impact

  • Capture of the “carbon” data from the BIM models of the project
  • Automation of project carbon footprint calculations
  • Immediate visualization of carbon emissions from technical and geographic assets

carbon footprint optimisation

  • Tracking of high carbon emission elements
  • Comparison of the carbon weight for the different design scenarios
  • Visualization of carbon emissions avoided by design choices
  • Management and monitoring of carbon performance throughout the infrastructure life cycle


To meet net zero by 2050 (Paris Agreement), we have to invest in reducing carbon emmissions in infrastructure.

Why use Carbontracker ?

Decisions taken at the design phase of a project predetermine the majority of emissions from the infrastructure over its entire life cycle. Carbontracker helps you anticipate the impacts of your project and take the right decisions.

Compared to the traditional ‘hands on’ approach (Excel…), Carbontracker ensures better traceability and greater reliability when calculating carbon emissions. This:

  • makes it easier to choose a more ecological design
  • shows the emissions avoided thanks to optimised design
  • allows all business segments to contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint

The Carbontracker tool has an exclusive database built up from SYSTRA’s sustainable design business expertise. The methodology used to calculate the carbon meets ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and NF EN 15978 standards.

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