Our Bus Disruption Tool is another digital solution that optimises and streamlines bus replacement services when trains are unavailable.


Redefining Disruption Planning

The Bus Disruption Tool combines data and analytics to accelerate and streamline disruption planning. It reduces time, cost and stress for stakeholders by:

  • Optimising service delivery
  • Consistently minimising disruption impacts on commuters
  • Integrating disparate systems to reduce operational wastage
  • Facilitate collaboration and transparency across stakeholder network

Our Expertise using the Bus Disruption Tool

Helping to Improve Customer Experience during times of disruption

Replacement bus services are often used where there is trackwork or a service disruption.

During these times of disruption, bus replacement services can negatively impact commuter travel, costing time and satisfaction as well as impact the overall performance of the network.

To minimise the impact on commuters, transport operators must provide enough bus services to meet the networks demand to ensure transport users reach their destination as efficiently and safely as possible.

For the disruption planners in charge of optimising the bus replacement strategy, their role is incredibly complex. They must:

  • Have an accurate understanding of the travel patterns on the disrupted network.
  • Estimate the replacement bus travel times.
  • Estimate the number of passengers interested in using the replacement services.
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Digital Solutions

The Bus Disruption Tool offers transport authorities a fast and reliable way of minimising the impact of disruption on both commuters and the people responsible for managing impacts. The tool was designed in direct alignment with our mission as a business and that is to develop safe and reliable transport solutions. We are excited to offer this digital solution to our clients!

Guillaume Paix, Principal Consultant – Transport Planning

How the Bus Disruption tool Works

The Bus Disruption Tool is a planning solution built using cutting-edge technologies leveraging the power of the multi-cloud to address pain points for consumers and planners. It is capable of ingesting data points from various and often disparate sources.

SYSTRA’s team of experts have designed custom algorithms that are capable of processing billions of data points within minutes, harnessing all the key features of parallel computing. The tool is highly efficient in streaming real-time data for several purposes, including bus coordinates, train lines and GPS waypoints on maps.

The tool embraces microservice architecture and integrates with Google API’s for real-time traffic data and adaptive calculations, PTV API’s train timetable and other various endpoints to calculate real-time passenger data.

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Award Winning Innovation

In 2021, the Bus Disruption tool was recognised with the following awards:

  • 2021 iAwards – Government & Public Sector Solution of the Year – Winner.
  • 2021 iAwards – Business & Industry Solution of the Year – Winner.
  • 2021 ITS Awards – Excellence in Transport Data – Finalist.

It comes after it was used in an Australian and global first on a major transport project in Victoria.

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