Whether its everyday goods or the elements that make up those items, freight rail and heavy haul transport is the backbone to a world-leading city.

Freight and heavy haul transport play an integral role in how modern economies function. Safe, reliable, and efficient freight rail supports communities and the development of world-leading cities by distributing essential resources as well as goods from mine to port and even to our doorsteps.


Supporting the growth of communities

To grow our cities and to support the communities within them, the reliance on our economy for the transportation of freight is set to double by 2035 and triple by 2050.

Modern freight rail and heavy haul transport lines support diverse opportunities across our economy. Particularly important to rural communities, freight rail can transport a mix of general cargo, imports and exports, steel, waste, and commodities including grain, coal, and iron ore.

Freight rail supports a sustainability led future as well. Projects such as the Inland Rail which connects rural markets to some of Australia’s biggest cities takes freight off the road therefore promoting safer transportation, pollution and cost. In fact, it is estimated that one short haul port train takes 41 trucks off the roads.

The Fast Track to a seamless, safer railway system

In this publication, we delve into the benefits and challenges that will come with interoperability, and focus on the critical role data, technology and people will play in ensuring the journey is as smooth as possible. We also explore a selection of compelling case studies, provide insight into some of the long-term opportunities interoperable rail networks will present, and offer practical guidance on the best way to make a common platform a reality.

Our reasons to be proud in Freight

From mine all the way to our Doorstep

SYSTRA works on all types of freight projects, from new lines (design and construction, coordination and supervision of work including logistics hubs) through to existing lines (increase in capacity, reduction in operating costs, improved security, line upgrades and electrification). We have supported major initiatives with mine owners to increase efficiency and make improvements through the use of autonomous control systems on the heavy-haul railway.

Design and implementation are not our only concern, our focus will always be on the fundamental end purpose, to transport freight and commodities and to find a global approach to optimise all the links in the logistics chain. Just as logistics both before and after transport are crucial, only experts with an in-depth knowledge of both the commodities sector and rail engineering are able to minutely adjust infrastructure design to requirements and find the right parameters to reduce costs.

Our Expertise

  • We offer vast experience in current rail standards: track gauges, traffic and load, signalling and electrification systems, transport of all types of materials
  • We have extensive experience when it comes to working with different weather and ground conditions: tropical, northern and desert climates, etc.
  • Our in-depth understanding of the different challenges of maritime transport, its stakeholders and container, bulk and roll-on/roll-off market segments means we are ideally placed to assist and advise port authorities with their rail and multimodal freight requirements

Our Other Expertise in Rail

Metro Station light trails from slow shutter speed


Sydney Light Rail at Jubilee Park station

Light Rail

Faster Rail

High Speed Rail light trails

High-Speed Rail

Aerial view of rail tracks

Passenger Rail

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